When you first get your timer fryer tablet, then it will take a little time to set it up.  Here are some steps to get you started.

  1. Turn it on.  (I know, right?  We had to say it though.)  It will take a little while to get started, but be patient.  The Maestro Chef Fryer Timer interface should automatically come up.
  2. You’ll see all the menu items  that say “Set Menu Item”.  Hit the setting wheel in the top right hand corner to get started changing that.
  3. Then touch menu items.
  4. You’ll either want to set up each menu item or turn it off by touching the “Visible” toggle switch to make it where it is invisible.  You’ll need to add and give a name and time to your actions too!  If you don’t need an action, then just turn it off.
  5. When you exit the settings menu, your choices are automatically saved.

(note: the “Action Time” is the time that will be remaining in the cooker.  So if you want you chicken to cook for 5 minutes total but your cook should shake after 1 minute then set the action time for 4 minutes.)

Next you’ll want to configure your Fryers/Cookers

  1. Go to the settings menu, but this time touch the Fryer/Cooker Settings
  2. If you’re setting this up as a Fryer Timer then when we talk about Cookers, you’re probably thinking fryers.  And when we say “zones”, you’re probably thinking baskets. We were kind of generic in naming these, because sometimes people use the Maestro Chef Fryer Timer for other things besides just timing fried foods.
  3. Just configure the setting to match what you need.
  4. We hope you love it!  If you need anything from us, then just email us at support@themaestrochef.com.  And we mean ANYTHING!  Tell us if you’re happy, sad, angry, or even if you’ve got some ideas on how to improve our product.