About The Founders

Jeremiah Horne

Jeremiah Horne has been in the food service business since 2007 and owns a small chain of fried chicken restaurants in South Georgia and North Florida.
One thing he learned in the first few years in business is the advantage the “big boys” have with superior equipment.  High-end restaurant equipment , while expensive,  simply makes the job of preparing consistent food day after day easier.    An easier job means more people can do it, and it doesn’t take as long to train staff with the best equipment available.
In 2012, Jeremiah forked over $7,000 for a single Vulcan Fryer with a computer control that would keep track of 10 items cooking at one time.    This fryer became a game changer for his restaurant operation.  It doesn’t cook an order of shrimp any prettier or faster than the $1200 fryers ,  it just tells the cook when it’s ready !
In early 2017,  Jeremiah’s good friend and software developer asked him if he could think of any useful tablet app ideas to help his restaurant business.
6 months later,  Jeremiah was convinced he had the best kitchen timer available on the market.

Horace Reed

Horace Reed has been playing with websites and developing since a little after he and Jeremiah met back at the University of Georgia.  He first built a website to sell T-shirts that mimicked an idea that Jeremiah had a few years before.  Starting at the age of 12, he worked in his father’s Dairy Queen.  So naturally, he was pretty excited when Jeremiah came to him with this idea.  He was a little skeptic at first, but now often says, “I can’t believe that no one thought of this before.”